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Europe: Coveris launches label with new printing process


Coveris has used a pioneering new printing process in the launch of a new range of linerless labels for leading retailer Aldi.

Combining multiple decorative effects in-line, the printing system works to add a fourth, tactile dimension to the labels to offer a further premium look and feel to the range.

The company has used advanced linerless label printing for the launch of Aldi’s new range of top tier Specially Selected Aberdeen Angus steaks.

The new range comprises four premium British beef steak lines and the labelling of the products reflects the world renowned quality of steak and high profile launch.

Aldi sells more than half a million British beef steaks every week.

Producing a premium finish for outstanding shelf presence, the label production process blends an innovative and complex mix of inks, varnishes and foil in-line using a newly developed method of application.

The use of highbuild silkscreen varnish creates a glossy, tactile stamped effect, while the use of further varnishes and cold foil combine to produce a multi-sensory, luxury appearance.

The label also offers opportunities for the production of more complex designs and premiumization techniques.