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Europe: Husky unveils specialty closure unit at K 2016

Husky Injection Molding Systems introduces a high-performance, fully integrated system for specialty closure manufacturing at K 2016 from October 19 to 26 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The HyperSync is a synchronized system, with mold, machine, hot runner and auxiliaries designed to work together.

Combined with intelligent features and networking capabilities that highlight Industry 4.0-level connectivity, the increased synchronization of machine and mold processes delivers faster cycle times at a lower total part cost, with no impact to product quality.

With the introduction of HyperSync comes the company’s revolutionary new eIMC in-mold closing technology.

This servo-driven technology allows for the safe overlapping of mold functions, providing precise, controlled closing of flip-top closures while still in the warm position.

The speed of closing is carefully controlled, allowing for quick closing movements with precision; this ensures the fastest closing speed while maintaining the ideal force required and ensuring optimal part quality.

The use of eIMC in-mold closing technology provides up to 20% increase in productivity, with nearly two seconds saved per cycle depending on the application.

Optimized energy efficiency

Increased electrification of the HyperSync system ensures optimum energy usage, helping to reduce operating costs and thus ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership.

HyperSync optimizes the relationship between productivity and efficiency, producing the best quality parts at industry-leading cycle times.

Electrification of the clamp, servo-variable pumping technology, and a regenerative clamp stroke combine to deliver an impressive improvement in energy consumption over competitive systems, while maintaining optimal part quality.