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Europe: DSM’s antioxidant gets EU approval


DSM Nutritional Products has received European Union (EU) Novel Foods approval for resVida, a high purity trans-resveratrol.

The ruling means resVida can be placed on the EU market as a novel food ingredient to be used in food supplements in capsule or tablet form, at doses of up to 150 mg per day.

At 99% concentration, resVida is the purest form of trans-resveratrol on the market.

As a potent antioxidant, resveratrol counteracts harmful oxidative compounds and also supports the body’s defense mechanisms in protecting against free radical-induced cell damage.

Scientific studies show that resVida is readily bioavailable, could help maintaining healthy blood pressure, blood glucose and insulin activity, and could induce endurance training-like effects in muscle such as increased fat oxidation and fat storage capacity.

The ingredient may also mimic of the metabolic benefits of calorie restriction and contribute to healthy aging.

It is free of pesticides and herbicides and produced according to Food Good Manufacturing Principles.

It also meets Kosher and Halal requirements.