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Europe: Sidel certified for being energy efficient

TÜV SÜD has awarded Sidel a certification for the energy consumption efficiency of the Sidel Matrix blower.

It provides objective validation of the blower’s performance by an independent organization and demonstrates that the Sidel Matrix blower complies with very high standards, is safe and sustainable – and has minimal impact on the environment.

Within any PET bottling line, it is the blowing machine that uses the most energy.

Sidel applied for the certification for the first time on its latest generation of Sidel Matrix blowers.

“We wanted to demonstrate how the energy consumption performance of our Sidel Matrix blowers is optimized, based on objective validation from a third party body,” said Mathieu Druon, product manager.

“We considered the TÜV SÜD energy efficiency certificate because it is becoming more widely known and consequently more popular with beverage producers all over the world.”

“At first, it was mainly recognized in Germany and subsequently in Austria and Eastern Europe.”

Passing the certification process

In the TÜV SÜD certification process, experts initiate with an audit, then assess the energy efficiency of the complete machine, its design and all its components, inspecting all relevant documentation and engineering procedures.

They look at how developments to improve energy efficiency of the equipment can be demonstrated, also comparing the machine with the best available technology in the market using benchmark data.

Upon meeting the requirements, the certificate is valid for three years, with an annual audit to ensure continued compliance.

“The independent TÜV SÜD team appreciated that, as a company, we are paying close attention to energy consumption,” says Druon.

“We benefitted from our latest innovations, cutting electricity use by up to 45% with the Sidel Matrix Ecoven as it requires fewer heating modules and lamps.”

“Additionally, we can reduce the blowing pressure with the improved pneumatic architecture combined with packaging developments, as recently demonstrated with the Sidel Rightweight bottle.”

“Our thorough approach has resulted in optimum energy efficiency of the Sidel Matrix blowers range without compromising the process window to achieve top bottle quality.”

“With its high oven efficiency, it lowers the environmental footprint and this, combined with the greatest uptime on the market, offers customers the lowest total cost of ownership possible.”

The Sidel Matrix blower is the only piece of equipment for which Sidel applied for TÜV SÜD certification.