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Americas: Sustainable emulsifiers at US bakery show


DuPont Nutrition & Health will showcase at the International Baking Industry Exposition the DuPont Danisco non-GMO, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil-certified, sustainable emulsifiers from a Mass Balance or segregated source.

They include sunflower, rapeseed and canola varieties.

This line of emulsifiers was recognized as an IBIE 2016 Best in Baking qualifier as a sustainable ingredient that fosters energy and water conservation.

DuPont consumer research exploring clean label attitudes found nearly half of consumers agreeing that “contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients” was a “very important” consideration when deciding what brands to purchase.

In the same survey, “ingredient lists contain only recognizable ingredients” was “very important” to 46% of the sample.

Comparatively, taste was a “very important consideration” for a significantly higher portion of the sample.

“Retrofitting an ingredient statement on a product to tackle clean label concerns can be challenging, and altering a well-established product may not be the route to take when looking to market a clean label product,” said Janelle Crawford, strategic marketing lead, bakery.

“Having a strategic, prioritized approach to address clean label concerns, while maintaining quality and taste throughout product shelf life is critical.”

The show will be held from October 8 to 11, in Las Vegas, US.