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Americas: Symach exhibits filling machine at PPMA 2016


Symach, a Thiele Technologies company, will exhibit its new bag filling FILLstar machine to the UK at PPMA 2016, September 27-29, in Birmingham, UK.

The machine fills open mouth bags with up to 30 tons per hour of all types of free-flowing materials.

Its modular design offers users a choice of several closing stations that can be integrated in the main frame offering sealing, sewing and pinch top closing techniques.

The unit can offer flexibility, as each machine process is configured to provide versatility.

The machine selects empty bags from a bag magazine, opens the bags and automatically places them under the filling spout for filling from an overhead scale or filling device.

The universal filling spout allows opening for a large bag size range, without changeovers.

Designed in FDA-approved high density polyethylene, to offer excellent sliding properties along with high-impact strength and good-wear resistance, the spout ensures optimal product throughput.

After filling, the bags are transported to the selected closing station.

Gusseted and non-gusseted polyethylene (PE), PE-polyethylene, poly-woven and paper open mouth bags ranging from 4 kg to 50 kg can be operated on the FILLstar.

A reliable performance of 20 bags of 25 kg per minute or 30 tons/hour does not stretch its limits.

The empty bag magazine offers an average of 20-minute autonomy to the machine operator.

The FILLstar also has an intuitive operator interface making recipe changes easy with its high speed automatic change-overs.

The interface also includes remote online support capabilities.