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Asia Pacific: Supply chain company wins retail awards


Global provider of supply chain solutions, CHEP, has won gold and silver for two of its customer solutions including the Retail Display Pallet and the Retail Modular Pallet at the 2016 POPAI Awards for Australia and New Zealand.

“Both platforms are designed to move products seamlessly from the manufacturer to the retail floor, as an innovative one-touch solution fully-stocked and ready to go, while also removing the need for one-way cardboard packaging and minimizing transport resources, including a reduction in fuel,” says director of strategy and marketing for Australia and New Zealand, Justin Frank.

“The solution delivers superior category management by being: easy to see; easy to access; easy to replenish; easy to flex; easy to remove; and easy to re-use.”

About 65% of retail supply chain costs are incurred in the short distance from the loading dock to supermarket shelf display.

“Together, with the movement from the distribution center, it is commonly known as the ‘last mile’ and is the current battleground for innovation in the quest to gain efficiency, reduce environmental impact, improve on-shelf availability and promote sales,” says Frank.

The pallets are a ‘one-touch’ solution, where the same packaging is used for transportation, retail display and storage of products, removing multiple product handling requirements and streamlining the transport process from the manufacturer to the retail floor, without further packing or unpacking.

POPAI’s GM Lee McClymont says the record 157 award entries in 2016 epitomized the diversification of retail and shopper marketing.

As part of the award submission, CHEP presented a case study with Tru Blu Beverages to demonstrate how they work together to build better supply chains to meet category objectives; improve on-shelf availability; generate greater supply chain efficiencies; maximize manual handling efficiencies; fit in with existing production processes; reduce product damage; effectively increase brand presence; and improve the overall customer experience.