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Europe: Colors for plastics at FachPack 2016


Color masterbatch producer Finke will present at FachPack granulated masterbatches and pigment powders as well as liquid dyes and coloring pastes for plastics application.

For transparent colorants Finke has developed its FIBASOL liquid dyes for show visitors in Nuremburg, Germany from September 27-29, 2016.

Their liquid binding agent does not impair the physical or chemical properties of the material in any way and is physiologically harmless. The temperature resistant and light-fast dyes can be combined with almost any thermoplastic material.

They are particularly suited for food packaging and cosmetic packaging.

For special plastics like PVC systems, polyurethanes, epoxy resins or unsaturated polyester resins, FIBADUR pastes are the colorant of choice.

The liquid and pasty pigment preparations mix perfectly with the respective plastic system, provide well-defined color intensity as well as high color constancy and can even color liquid polymers.