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Europe: Sabic releases copolymers for rigid packaging

The first of a new generation of Flowpact polypropylene impact copolymers from SABIC has been developed to help manufacturers of injection molded rigid packaging make stronger products.

It should also help them save money.

Rigid packaging made with SABIC PP FPC45, including types that can be hot-filled, has considerably higher top-load strength than identical products made with current benchmark materials.

This in turn improves stackability, providing better economics in transport and storage.

SABIC PP FPC45 incorporates important advances in polymer chemistry that yield a material with a balance in stiffness and impact strength that SABIC believes is unmatched in the market.

The flow properties of SABIC PP FPC45 further facilitate thin walling and fast injection, and a higher crystallization temperature will enable parts to be demolded faster—reducing energy consumption and increasing productivity at the processor.

The material is developed for production of rigid packaging with volumes ranging from 200 ml to 10 liters.

It can be used for containers intended for packaging foods and non-food products.

It might also be used for caps and closures, as well as for production of housewares.

“SABIC PP FPC45 delivers a top load strength that is some 17% higher than current benchmark materials commercially available today,” says Bert Claessens, polypropylene business manager.