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Americas: Canada launches Specialty Food Awards program


Collaborating with other industry leaders, Specialty Food Conference is launching an annual Specialty Food Awards program.

The awards are for food producers that are focused on the specialty food market with safe ingredients and manufacturing practices for those with special dietary needs (gluten free, allergen free, or diabetic friendly).

Qualifying companies can submit a product for consideration at no cost.

“The goal is to unite and grow this category of the industry, and get safe products that taste good on retail shelves for the families who need them,” said conference producer Margaret Dron.

The award program is open to Canadian food producers who meet all four of the following criteria: Employ less than 10 full time employees, have annual sale of less than US$250,000, entering a product which has been available in the market for less than one year as of September 30, 2016, that is manufactured and available for purchase within Canada.

In addition to the honor of being awarded the status of Emerging Specialty Food Product of the Year, the winner will be spotlighted to local and national buyers, distributors, and brokers, while also receiving one-hour consultations from industry leaders and experts.

“We’re stronger together. Together, we can better support the innovators of Canada to build-up our domestic food industry,” she said.

“I’ve witnessed how difficult it can be for these innovators to maneuver through the food industry.”

“It’s extremely challenging for them to survive, and even more so to thrive and grow.”