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Europe: pacproject, EcoTensil launch carton spoons in region


pacproject, the Hamburg-based agency for packaging design, consultancy and strategy, has now concluded a contract with the Californian packaging manufacturer EcoTensil on launching its Carton Spoon in Europe.

EcoTensil produces environment-friendly carton spoons for ice cream, muesli, yogurt, frozen yogurt, salads, dips and pesto.

Moreover, the company has won several awards for its product.

“The daily lives of many consumers are unstructured now, with a high level of mobility and spontaneity,” says Ole Bolling, MD of pacproject.

“This means that practical, environment-friendly solutions are needed for food that is consumed on the go.”

The Carton Spoon can be incorporated in folded form into the lid of a yogurt pot and muesli and be disposed of in an environment-friendly manner.

As well as being lighter, 5,000 Cartoon Spoons take up as much space as the equivalent 1,000 plastic spoons of the traditional kind.

“Whether it’s at an office, at a daycare nursery, at school or in sports – all you need to do is to unfold the spoon and start eating,” adds Bolling.