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Americas: Consumers look for healthier oil, says Cargill


After sugar, fat is the second-most important ingredient consumers are monitoring on food product labels, according to Cargill’s primary market research data FATitudes.

In addition, the type of fat and the claim made have impact on the likelihood for consumers to purchase a product.

“We know from FATitudes that 67% of consumers are checking for saturated fat in the products they buy,” said Mark Christiansen, MD, Cargill global edible oil solutions – global specialties.

“About 50% of all consumers are likely to purchase a product with a no saturate claim.”

“This information is particularly noteworthy because Cargill has made tremendous progress lowering saturated fat content in our specialty canola oils,” he said.

“Cargill’s Clear Valley 65 canola oil already has among the lowest saturated fat content available at 7%.”

“And soon we will provide even a lower saturate Clear Valley oil for our customers.”