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Europe: Arla Foods Ingredients opens hydrolysates factory

Arla Foods Ingredients has opened its new factory located in Nr. Vium, Denmark.

The €40 million (US$44.58 million) facility can produce approximately 4,000 tons of whey and casein hydrolysates a year, creating ingredient solutions for applications in the infant, clinical and sports nutrition categories.

Existing production of hydrolysates by Arla Foods Ingredients elsewhere will now be transferred over to the new site.

The factory features manufacturing technology, pilot plants, analytical laboratories and R&D facilities.

It complies with the strictest quality and safety standards and includes a dedicated packing line for filtered products.

Milk protein hydrolysates are proteins that have been through a natural enzymatic process, during which the intact protein is cut into small peptide fragments.

Compared with intact proteins, they offer reduced allergenic potential, easier digestion and faster absorption.

These attributes mean they provide excellent functional health properties in clinical and infant nutrition, where they deliver the benefits of the protein more quickly and effectively to those who need it most.