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Europe: Bericap releases lightweight closure


Bericap has developed an ultralight weight closure for the 29/25 polyethylene terephthalate (PET) neck finish (HexaLite 29/11 SFB UL 3T).

Weight savings compared to former 30/25 neck/closure combination reaches almost 38%.

The lightweight closure variant has been introduced now in Turkey and Egypt for more than a year.

Meanwhile, the new closure type HexaLite 29/13 offers a superior grip experience to the consumer and allows easy handling when opening.

The closure weight is only slightly higher compared to the standard HexaLite 29/11 closures.

All HexaLite closures are designed with slit flexband supporting efficient application and reliable tamper evidence.

Nitrogen dosing is feasible supporting light weight efforts of bottlers.