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Europe: Gourmet teas in pouches a hot favorite among consumers, finds report


Hot drinks such as tea and coffee are a staple of busy consumers’ lives.

However, an apparent lack of time means consumers often turn to ‘quick’ options such as microwaveable products, which are often perceived to compromise on taste.

To target those looking for a higher quality on-the-go beverage, brands have started devising novel packaging solutions in order to break the stereotype of convenience-quality trade-off.

About 14.5% of the total volume of hot drinks consumed worldwide is selected because they are the most convenient product, according to a report by consumer insight firm Canadean.

The research into convenience hot drinks finds that the increasing demand for time-saving versions of these products presents an exciting opportunity to benefit from the enduring lack of time consumers face.

“A number of on-the-go solutions have already been rolled out to cater to these consumers, such as microwaveable ready-to-drink cups, or sealed cups that simply require hot water, and solid chocolate on a stick that allows consumers to brew their own hot chocolate without the need for a spoon,” says analyst Veronika Zhupanova.

“While consumers are on the lookout for more convenient solutions, they often consider them as of a lower quality than their less convenient counterparts.”

“To offset this, manufacturers must market products as of a premium class through top-quality packaging materials, designs, and packaging claims.”

Newly-designed pouch combines luxury quality of loose leaf tea with the convenience of tea bags

“Packaging innovation should be used to enable on-the-go occasions for hot beverage connoisseurs,” says Zhupanova.

“Manufacturers have to find ways to cater to tea-loving busy consumers either by highlighting quality of tea bags, a technique which has been practiced for a while now, or by coming up with solutions that allow them to enjoy loose tea on-the-go.”

Recently, Grower’s Cup Tea Brewer rolled out a drink in a pouch, described by the manufacturer as offering the freedom “to enjoy a gourmet tea experience regardless of place and situation”.

The product is packaged as a stand-up pouch allowing consumers to brew loose tea on-the-go.

Additionally, the pouch can be refilled with consumers’ loose tea, enabling them to save costs without compromising convenience or product taste.

“This product represents genuine innovation within the hot drinks market due to its refusal to compromise on quality despite being a convenience product, and its cost-saving, refillable design,” says Zhupanova.