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Europe: UK holds event on food, human microbes, health


The New York Academy of Sciences and the Quadram Institute held an international conference to explore trends and emerging findings in microbiome science from May 10 to 12, 2016 at The Royal Society in London, UK.

Titled Food-Microbiome Interaction: Implications for Health & Disease, conference covered the following:

– The link between food, the microbiome, and healthy living,

– The establishment of the microbiome throughout development,

– The influence of the microbiome on physiology beyond the gut, and

– The therapeutic potential of targeting the microbiome.

“Recent data demonstrate that the food we eat influences the ecosystem of bacteria that inhabit the human body, collectively termed the microbiome,” says Sonya Dougal, director, Life Sciences, The New York Academy of Sciences.

“Dysregulation of this endemic microbiome has been implicated in a myriad of human diseases ranging from inflammatory bowel disease to depression.”