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Europe: French trader fills wine with Smurfit Kappa technology

Maison Johanès Boubée has installed a filling line, supplied by Smurfit Kappa, to Bag-in-Box packaging of French wine.

Established in 1860, Maison Johanès Boubée is one of the central purchasing agencies for the Carrefour group.

It has three complementary activities: trade/purchasing for private labels, bottling and logistics, and has recently opened a brand new bottling center near Bordeaux in France

The last generation line includes a case erector, closing machine, weight-checking, filling machine and a Vitop handle insertion machine.

The filling machine has a BIB700 Double Head, a high-speed automatic machine.

Designed for large industrial production facilities, it has a filling valve with two circuits for nitrogen and vacuum.

“The new generation funnel which ensures delicate drops of the bags and the new filling valve were determining factors for us,” says plant director Mathieu Soulard.

“We are very satisfied with Smurfit Kappa’s BIB700 filling machine as it has a very high flow rate and ensures good-quality filling.”

“This complete line does allow us to optimize and increase our Bag-in-Box filling and packaging.”

The line also has a Vitop handle insertion machine that automatically inserts handles on Bag-in-Box packaging.

It has a rapid insertion rate, is easy to use and is flexible as it can insert handles on a wide range of box styles and sizes.