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Asia Pacific: Arjuna displays Amaranthus-based sports nutrition at Vitafoods


Arjuna Natural will launch Oxystorm standardized nitrate to the sports nutrition market at Vitafoods, Geneva, May 10-12, 2016.

The latest clinical research results show that the ingredient can help athletes work out longer and harder.

It is an extract of Amaranthus one of the sources of nitrate in nature.

Arjuna’s patent-pending production process delivers an optimum level of nitrate content from the leaves of Amaranthus species – 9,000 mg/100 g – which is more than the amount of nitrate from beetroot powder and beet juice.

Offered as a powder, Oxystorm is highly water-soluble and has a neutral pH for applications such as energy bars and sport drinks.

Clinical research published in January online in advance of print in the journal Nutrition shows that an oral dose of Amaranthus extract is able to increase the levels of NO3ˉ and NO2ˉ in the body for at least eight hours.

An increase in NO3ˉ and NO2ˉ levels can help improve the overall performance of people engaged in dynamic sports or other physical activities.

“Beetroot powder and beet juice have typically been used to support nitrite levels but they contain comparatively low levels of nitrate in a typical serving,” says joint MD Benny Antony.

“Moreover, the nitrate amount can vary widely based on where and how the plants were harvested and processed.”

“Oxystorm is standardized to 9-10% nitrate content it does not have reducing sugars and Oxalates, [compared to beet-based products],” he adds.