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Europe: UK launches light, industrial hose


Arco Hose Division and Spain’s Flexiplas SA have developed a suction and discharge hose to incorporate a twin polyvinyl chloride (PVC) helix, making it significantly lighter and easier to handle than traditional heavyweight options.

Suitable for conveying water, dilute chemicals and a range of non-edible liquids and solids, the Medium Duty Plus Twin Spiral PVC Suction & Discharge Hose is designed for a range of industries across the water, waste and agriculture sectors.

“The new twin spiral hose has been uniquely developed using PVC compounds that have been reinforced with a double helix,” says Arco GM Alex Richards.

“[Besides] being light to handle, the twin spiral also increases the lifespan of the hose and ensures that it is fully vacuum resistant and therefore will not collapse under compression.”

Made from phthalates-free materials, the 30 m hose can withstand a temperature range of -15°c to +60°c.

Available through Arco Hose Division, the hose is constructed from a green PVC lining and cover, and is reinforced with a double PVC helix.

Further development of two new versions of the hose is now underway, with specialist solutions for heavy duty and oil use planned.