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Americas: Prinova to distribute Lycored products in region


Prinova has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of Lycored’s lycopene- and beta carotene-based natural colors in the US and Canada.

This partnership comes at a time when North American food and beverage companies are scrambling to find natural, consistent clean label solutions, says Prinova.

Major players such as Kraft, Panera and Subway are just a few of the companies that are reformulating products to remove artificial ingredients.

One of their biggest priorities is removing artificial colors and synthetic food dyes from their product lines.

Consumers continue to drive this clean label demand.

According to Mintel data, over a third of US consumers have indicated they are interested in ‘free-from artificial color’ claims.

That number grows even higher when looking at specific demographic groups—for instance, 43% of millennial mothers and 31% of millennial fathers are interested in free- from artificial color claims.

The Lycored natural color line includes Tomat-O-Red and Lyc-O-Beta natural red, orange and yellow colorings.

Tomat-O-Red is created using tomato derived lycopene and offers a more technically sound red coloring alternative to unstable beetroot and anthocyanins, and also carmine, which is not vegetarian-friendly.

Lyc-O-Beta is sourced from Blakeslea trispora, a beta-carotene-rich, allergen-free natural fungus cultivated by Lycored.

Both color ranges are available in liquid form, and Lyc-O-Beta is also available as a water-soluble powder.

They are approved for use as food colorants in the EU, US, Japan and Australia.

They are also certified Kosher and Halal, non-GMO, and vegetarian, and are heat, light and pH stable.