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Europe: RPC makes 1L milk bottle from sugar cane


RPC Promens Consumer Nordics has developed a 1L milk bottle made entirely from a non-oil based bio polymer produced from sugar cane.

An additional feature that is now being developed involves the polymer mixed with special mineral filler.

This reduces the amount of polymer required for each bottle without impacting on its strength and performance, which will further enhance its positive environmental profile.

In its first commercial application, the new Modul bottle has been selected by Swedish dairy company Skånemejerier for its range of non-homogenized milk.

RPC Promens says that as consumers have taken a greater interest in the types of foods they are buying, their focus has started to switch to the packaging as well.

“According to Euromonitor one of the top ten global trends in 2016 is greener food,” explains senior sales manager Jan Weier.

“Certainly there has been strong growth in organic food products in recent years and this has now led to more attention being paid to how they are packed.”

The 1L white blow molded Modul bottle is available with a choice of closures and features a four-sided label applied by RPC Promens.