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Europe: NYCO releases food grade esters for greases

NYCO has received NSF HX-1 registration for its new synthetic ester Nycobase 32506 FG, a high temperature neopolyol ester.

Designed to optimize thermo-oxidative stability, the ester shows cleanliness properties for very high temperature applications such as chain oil, air compressor oils and greases.

Nycobase Food Grade series include eight ester base fluids for the formulation of H1 lubricants for incidental food contact.

These fluids are used in multiple applications including hydraulic fluids, gear oils, compressor oils, greases, chains lubricants.

Products from the series are Halal and Kosher certified, and have thermal stability and good low temperature properties.

Many of them also show high biodegradability and renewability levels.

These products are available in bulk and in packs (drum, inter bulk containers) via NYCO’s network of licensed distributors and subsidiaries.