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Europe: tna systems ups snack manufacturer’s efficiency by 25%


Algerian snack manufacturer Maravilla increased production capacity by 25% after replacing a manual process with automated conveying systems from tna,

Working with tna, Maravilla integrated nine tna roflo high throw vibratory conveyors, alongside three mini feeders into its potato/corn pellet line.

The snack manufacturer also updated its current control systems by investing in integration technologies from tna.

Maravilla was also looking to integrate a simple design system with smooth surfaces and no blind spots or areas where product and microorganisms could build up – to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

tna’s roflo VM 3 features no metal-to-metal bacteria build up areas and all conveyor trays are fully welded or scalloped, enabling Maravilla to benefit from reduced contamination risk.

Maravilla was also looking for effective product transfer, highlighting the need for a system to link from its conveying system to its fryer.

tna implemented three tailored mini-feeders to facilitate smooth product transfer between systems.

Via optical sensors, mini feeders monitor pellet levels to enable rigorous quality management in the hopper.

For instance, when a low level of raw pellets is detected, the controls system immediately alerts plant managers of a problem on the line.

This allows for quick action to rectify the problem.

The intelligent design of these systems therefore minimizes stoppages and increases simultaneous transmission between different components of the production line.