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Americas: Corbion Caravan unveils pre-soaked grains

Corbion Caravan launched an extensive program to remove the preservative spray commonly used in pre-soaked ancient and whole grains, while maintaining quality, taste and shelf life standards.

The research and development effort has led to the reformulation of five super soaked grain products that carry the cleaner, ‘no preservatives’ label.

“The preservative-free versions of our pre-soaked grains allow our customers to incorporate the ingredients consumers crave, while also delivering on the expectation of a cleaner label,” says Ricardo Moreira, product portfolio manager.

“With these new products, Corbion customers can add ancient and whole grains into their recipes – and add more appeal to their baked goods.”

Moreira says the five new offerings include such ingredients as oat, oat flakes, sunflower, millet, flaxseed, amaranth, chia, cracked wheat, whole grain barley, whole rye kernels and quinoa.