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Europe: Givaudan celebrates 10 years of TasteTrek Citrus with citrus collection


Givaudan is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its customer TasteTrek Citrus program, with an Anniversary Global Flavour Collection inspired by a decade of exploring citrus in groves around the world.

TasteTrek Citrus has brought customers and flavorists together to experience citrus in its fullest and freshest form, straight off the tree.

The Anniversary Global Collection captures the diversity and cultural importance of citrus, whether they are rare, exotic, local or commercially successful fruit worldwide.

TasteTrek Citrus have helped the company deliver distinctive citrus flavors with stability and sustainability, reflecting regional flavor preferences as well as developing those that surprise with exotic or unexpected characteristics.

“Our creative and technical approach to Citrus delivers unique insight for our customers – inspiring consumer preferred products around the Europe, Africa and Middle East region,” said Henning Hartnacke, regional commercial head of EAME.

“By partnering with a world renowned Citrus grove in Italy we can introduce our customers to new Citrus ingredients and inspiring varietals.”

One of the annual grove adventures is conducted at the Oscar Tintori collection in Tuscany, Italy, home to over 300 varieties of citrus trees.

This family business was begun by grandfather Oscar Tintori, and moved into citrus after specializing in cut flowers.

Three generations of the Tintori family continue to work at the home of the collection.

The Oscar Tintori collection has hosted dozens of Givaudan customer TasteTreks with more than 70 varieties of orange, lemon and lime, and grapefruit and pummelo evaluated by participants from 11 countries.

The 10th Anniversary Global Flavour Collection includes Lemon Femminello, Italy’s lemon famed for its use in Limoncello liquor.

The first TasteTrek citrus took place at the University of California Riverside (UCR) grove in the US in 2006.

Givaudan has donated US$1 million to establish ‘The Givaudan Citrus Variety Collection Endowed Chair’ to support and maintain UCR’s Citrus Variety Collection.

Since 2006, treks have expanded to Italy, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan and India.

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