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Asia Pacific: Fonterra delivers 50M packs of milk to children in NZ


Fonterra has delivered more than 50 million packs of milk to children in New Zealand since its Milk for Schools program began, which means more than 10 million liters of milk.

About 1,480 primary schools throughout the country including the Chatham, Great Barrier and Stewart Islands are part of the program that sees thousands of children enjoying Anchor milk every school day.

Fonterra director of social responsibility Carolyn Mortland said it is great to mark the start of the new school year with such an achievement.

“The biggest thanks must go to our 10,500 farmers who provide the milk for our children,” she said.

“As well as providing the milk they also support the program by hosting school farm visits, or visit schools to talk about being a Fonterra farmer.”

“A big thanks also goes to our partners in the program – the schools. The teachers and milk monitors do a great job in making sure the kids get their milk every day.”

Mortland said the program also teaches kids valuable lessons around leadership and recycling. Over the years the 50 million packs have been folded flat and sent to Thailand and Malaysia to be recycled into roof tiles and school exercise books.

Fonterra Milk for Schools is New Zealand’s largest corporate social responsibility program and was offered to all primary schools in 2013.

About 70% of schools now take part.