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Asia Pacific: Theme park operator uses food safety system for real-time data

iCertainty and Zebra Technologies Corporation release a mobile food safety solution that can be licensed by hospitality establishments worldwide.

Leveraging Walt Disney Parks and Resorts’ safety technology and best practices, the Disney CHEFS food safety solution helps restaurant chains to improve on food safety, deliver a better customer experience and eliminate paper-based processes.

By using wireless temperature probes and Zebra’s MC40 mobile computers, the automated solution can provide real-time information on food safety performance.

The vision behind creating Disney CHEFS was to build in the cultural competencies necessary to help deliver on guest service through standardized repeatable processes.

The solution follows the Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system’s international guidelines that identify the precautions that companies should take to keep food safe.

It outlines controls and processes that should be followed to make sure these precautions are taken.

The software system can electronically monitor every aspect of preparation – from hand-washing to cooking and storage temperatures.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts have deployed Disney CHEFS solution in more than 700 food and beverage locations throughout its US domestic parks and resorts, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney Resort and is continuing its implementation with the Disney Cruise Line.

The MC40 provides one-touch access to all the HACCP checklists and procedures that employees are required to follow to maintain food safety.

The Disney CHEFS solution can also alert employees if food is not at an acceptable temperature or when critical measurements have not been recorded.