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Europe: Demand for labels remain, says association


FINAT research indicates that overall label volumes will increase again in 2016 over prior year. Internet sales are increasing, but a product’s primary label still represents the prime medium for establishing branding and the first contact with a potential customer, says the worldwide association for manufacturers of self-adhesive labels and related products and services.

In a recent end-user survey, FINAT learned that over 80% of brand owners/packaging buyers do not believe the e-commerce platform will affect label design.

The label product ‘mix’ will, however, increasingly reflect a move to shorter label print runs and just-in-time delivery as, in the international consumer market, product packaging (bearing local-language labels) relocates to regional centres.


International health and safety legislation will continue to make demands on the available space on a label, particularly on food labels.

The finite limits of the label space will challenge design and print.

This will encourage the use of such options as multi-layer leaflet labels, linerless labels and clear film labels on clear container substrates (the ‘no-label’ look) where back print on the label is possible.