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Europe: Sugar replacer offers possibilities for chewing gum

Beneo showcased its new Isomalt translucent gum coating technology for the first time at ISM 2016 in Cologne, Germany recently.

This coating process enables chewing gum manufacturers to create attractive products that deliver translucence and shine, while also maintaining stability throughout the product shelf life.

The new coating is made of Beneo’s sugar replacer, Isomalt, which crystallizes translucently.

This creates shiny pellets with visual effects.

The new technology also allows multi-colored gum centers to be coated in a crunchy and translucent way.

Extraordinary colors, as well as added print and sparkle effects are also now possible and remain visible throughout the shelf life.

The company says gum coated with Isomalt has a fine, delicate crunch, flavor release and it is not prone to chipping or cracking during production or transport.

Derived from beet sugar, the Isomalt has a sugar-like, mild sweet taste.

It has received European Food Safety Authority health claims for both its low glycemic and toothfriendly characteristics.

Also, the US Food and Drug Administration approved a dental health claim.