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Americas: RGF upgrades food safety system


RGF Environmental Group continues to add upgrades and customers for its patented photohydroionization (PHI) Food Surface Sanitation Tunnel Treatment System for processors.

First introduced in 2013, the system provides direct 360-degree surface application on all exposed surfaces resulting in 99.9% surface microbial reduction.

Changes made to the latest tunnel design, include:

– Bead blast finish for a more uniform look and ease of maintenance,

– National Electrical Manufacturers Association enclosures for electrical ballasts,

– New lamp and connection design to provide a watertight seal and easier change out,

– New lamp status indicators, and

– Improved heat vent design.

“This modular tunnel is the most effective, state-of-the-art system that I have reviewed and for the first time processors will be able to fully treat beef, which has tough angular surfaces and ridges,” said Dr. Marsden, a professor of food safety and security at Kansas State University and an adviser for the North American Meat Processors Association.

“The PHI process does not affect the taste or appearance of the product, and the tunnel is unique in its ability to totally treat the product surface without the use of chemicals.”

PHI is an advanced oxidation technology that acts as an additional strategic intervention for trimmings and sub-primals.

The PHI technology allows for the anti-microbial treatment of meat products without leaving chemical residues.