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Europe: Doehler release kit for quality beer production

Best taste, independence, creativity and tradition – craft and microbreweries are committed to these standards.

Doehler releases the DMD Brewers QCheck Kit that contains everything for the microbiological control to ensure the safety of the entire beer brewing process all the way up to filling.

These tools and ready-to-use culture media allow all raw materials and production and dispensing units to be analyzed without expert knowledge and expensive laboratory equipment.

The culture media in the kit are safe and easy to use: a clear color change indicates when spoilage microorganisms are present.

The kit does not require preliminary work and can be used immediately.

An illustrated manual ensures correct kit usage.

With low investment costs and without comprehensive knowledge of microbiology, small breweries can meet these standards with the kit.

The Brewers QCheck Kit consists of three different culture media: LMC concentrate, NBB-B and NBB-B-Am tubes.

Critical indicator microorganisms can be immediately and reliably detected, for example, in water analysis with LMC concentrate.

With the ready-to-use NBB-B tubes, it is possible to detect beer spoiling microorganisms Lactobacilli, Pediococci, Pectinatus and Megasphaera in yeast as well as beer that is clear and yeast-turbid.

The kit ensures reliable hygiene monitoring with the NBB®-B-Am tubes, of production, filling or dispensing units.