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Europe: Starlinger releases circular loom for packagers


Starlinger presented its FX 10.0 for flexible intermediate bulk containers and heavy-duty fabric producers at ITMA 2015 in Milan, Italy in November.

“We opted for a 10-shuttle construction because the fabric production process is faster and smoother,” says sales director Hermann Adrigan.

“We also used special materials for the elements in contact with the tapes so they run as smoothly and gently as possible.”

“And with a power consumption as low as 7.5 kW the FX 10.0 is currently the most energy-efficient circular loom on the market.”

Like its predecessor FX 6.0, the latest model has a reed design and enhanced key components for fabric quality and production efficiency.

This is reflected in the loom performance and fabric quality, which Starlinger measures as the indicator of quality (IQ) of a loom.

The IQ shows the fabric meters on a loom produced without warp breaks.

The higher the IQ, the more meters have been produced without a machine stop due to warp tape rupture.

This accounts for a high overall efficiency – in the case of the FX 10.0 more than 70 %.

The loom operates at a production speed of up to 850 picks/minute and produces fabric in the weight range of 55 to 260 g/m².

The oil-free reed and shuttle design allows the production of tape fabric for food packaging applications.