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Europe: Better operations with new handle for Buggy


RPC Sæplast adds a handle for its Buggy silent meat cart with improved ergonomics that enhances health and safety in its operation.

The Smart Handle slots vertically into the existing handles at the back of the Buggy.

This increases the height of the handle, making it even easier to move the Buggy around and allowing operators to remain upright.

Designed for wet and dry meats and other food products, the Buggy is manufactured to the German standard DIN9797 and its low weight (22 kg) ensures easy handling, while a pointed slope directs the outflow of product.

The triple-wall polyethylene design and one-piece construction can withstand harsh conditions and rough handling.

It also reduces noise compared to the more traditional stainless steel variants.

It can also be specified in four colors, allowing customers to have dedicated Buggies for different areas of production.

The Smart Handle is manufactured in polyethylene and is recyclable like the Buggy.