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Asia Pacific: Veolia Water Technologies, academics hold sustainability event


Veolia Water Technologies launches the first edition of its Think Tank Asia initiative, which is co-organized with ESSEC Business School (ESSEC) and the French Embassy in Singapore.

Taking place in ESSEC’s Singapore Campus, the one-day executive workshop gathers 20 leaders and influencers from major industries across Asia, to share their views on sustainability, industry specific needs, and green corporate agendas, so as to define future business models in a world of limited resources.

The company says natural resources are today becoming increasingly scarce as the human population’s needs continue to grow in an ever more densely populated and urbanized world.

The world faces climate change issues and has to rethink its relationship with resources, to come up with new social and economic growth models that are more efficient, better balanced, and more sustainable.

Led by academics from the ESSEC Business School, the Think Tank Asia workshop aims to create awareness amongst leading international organizations.

It also aims to encourage companies to understand and address properly challenges relating to business sustainability, rules and regulations in Asia, non-governmental organizations, and green corporate agendas.

“As a business school, we are concerned about the development of future business leaders who will not only be skilled managers, but who will also see sustainability as a driver of strategic innovation,” says Professor Kevyn Yong, academic dean of ESSEC Asia-Pacific and associate professor of Management at ESSEC Business School.

He is one of the two academic leaders at the event.

“ESSEC’s educational approach has always been to pioneer business innovation and entrepreneurship, and it is boosted in ESSEC Asia-Pacific by combining Western and Asian philosophies.”

“We cannot afford to ignore any longer the impact that our businesses have on the environment, and manufacturers should firmly push sustainable innovations into their production lines, such as the use of sustainably sourced renewable raw materials or reuse and recycling opportunities,” says Jean-Philippe.

“Veolia sees value in facilitating open discussions to engage top-level decision makers at a strategic level. We will continue to push out similar initiatives to increase awareness across global industries and contribute to the rise of a circular economy.”