Home Countries World: Starlinger, Omani flour producer inks US$496M machinery contract

World: Starlinger, Omani flour producer inks US$496M machinery contract

Salalah Mills has bought machinery for producing hot-air-welded AD*STAR block bottom valve bags and sewn woven bags made of polypropylene tape fabric from Starlinger for €4.56 million (US$4.96 million).

With this investment, Salalah Mills lays the foundations for its packaging production plant.

Currently, the flour producer is buying the packaging for its products from internal and external suppliers.

“We have great ambition to be the biggest packaging company in Oman and the area of the Gulf Cooperation Council”, says CEO Ahmed Alawi Al Dhahab.

The machinery is scheduled for installation in mid-2016.

The scope of delivery comprises the entire machine range for woven plastic packaging production: a tape extrusion line, winders, circular looms, as well as lamination and conversion lines.

The plant is scheduled to take up production towards the end of 2016 and be the first to produce AD*STAR bags in Oman.

The company uses mainly sewn woven polypropylene bags for packaging and transporting the various white and wholegrain flours and semolina it produces.

The bags are food-safe, have high strength and tear resistance, and protect the content against pests and environmental influences.

A large flour producer in Oman, Salalah Mills has a production capacity of 1500 tons of flour per day and exports about 30% of its products to Yemen, the countries in the Horn of Africa, and Tanzania.

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