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Europe: Danone aims to have zero net carbon emissions

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Danone says it has committed to a new climate policy targeting zero net carbon emissions within its full scope, i.e. direct and shared scope of responsibility.

To achieve this target, the company will co-create solutions with its ecosystem, including farming communities, suppliers, customers and consumers.

This policy will enable Danone to strengthen the resilience of its global food chain and pave the way for sustainable business growth.

In 2000, Danone defined both its environmental targets and a 10-year plan.

In 2008, it announced a plan to reduce its carbon intensity by 30% over five years on operations within its direct scope of responsibility — an objective it achieved and exceeded at the end of 2012.

The new climate policy concerns the areas under Danone’s direct responsibility (manufacturing, packaging, logistics, end-of-life), and others where the company shares responsibility, especially in agriculture, which represent 65% of total emissions.

Danone will thus be tackling the full scope of its carbon footprint, which amounts to 18.8 million tons.