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Europe: Tetra Pak wins awards at show

Tetra Pak has received two awards at the 2015 World Beverage Innovation Ceremony held in at BrauBeviale in Nuremburg, Germany, November 10-12, 2015.

Tetra Pak E3 was recognized within the Best Manufacturing/Processing Innovation category.

The filling machine series uses electron beams instead of hydrogen peroxide to sterilize packaging material.

The benefits to customers include lower operational costs, improved environmental performance and increased production flexibility.

The company has also won the Best Carton or Pouch category for the Tetra Rex Bio-based.

It is a liquid food carton package made entirely from renewable materials.

All plastics used in the package are derived from sugar cane.

These plastics, like the Forest Stewardship Council-certified paperboard, are traceable to their origins.

Tetra Pak® E3, inside