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Asia Pacific: FSANZ emphasizes on allergen labeling compliance

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) reminds all businesses, including importers, about the need to meet mandatory allergen labeling requirements.

FSANZ CEO Steve McCutcheon said there has been a number of coconut product recalls due to a lack of mandatory allergen (milk and milk products) labeling.

“Allergens can be deadly and this is why the Code contains mandatory labeling requirements for nine allergens to ensure consumers have access to this vital information,” said McCutcheon.

“I remind any consumers who are allergic to milk or milk products to be mindful of recent recalls involving imported coconut products.”

“Products have ranged from powders to coconut drinks and have been sold at smaller Asian retailers as well as larger outlets, chemists and online.”

“State and territory enforcement agencies and the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (for imported food) have been investigating similar products,” he adds.

“FSANZ will update its recalls web page with any further associated recalls and will alert consumers through its social media sites.”

“Anyone who has an affected product can return it to the place of purchase for a refund.”