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Europe: Constellium releases aluminum solution for aerosols


Constellium’s Aeral is a new aluminum solution designed for the production of aerosol containers using the Drawn and Ironed (D&I) technology which is currently used to produce beverage cans.

It allows a minimum of 30% weight savings compared to traditional impact extruded containers, all while maintaining the same level of performance in terms of resistance to pressure and great ductility.

“Constellium’s Aeral is developed from a specific alloy that can be used efficiently throughout the D&I technology can making process, including the specific necking operation, while meeting the pressure resistance and aesthetical requirements of cosmetics companies,” says Hervé Vichery, customer technical support manager.

Aeral was created through research at C-TEC, Constellium’s technology center in Voreppe, France, and the Company’s rolling mill in Neuf-Brisach, France.