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Europe: Treatt presents sweetener, tea range at FIE


Treatt will present its customizable, non-calorific blends of 100% natural essences and flavors to create low or no sugar drinks at Food Ingredients Europe from December 1 – 3, 2015 in Paris, France.

The company will showcase a new formulation that can increase brix perception from 4°Bx to 9°Bx, in combination with other sweeteners.

Brix degrees (°Bx ) are commonly used to measure the sugar content of a beverage product.

This sweet ingredient solution imparts a clean sugar cane taste and can be incorporated into beverages at levels of 100 ppm upwards to create the perception of increased sweetness, without introducing any dominant flavor notes.

At lower levels between 100 ppm and 250 ppm, the natural flavor adds valuable and appealing mouthfeel, while intensifying sweetness.

The low usage rate (150-300 ppm) can be used for many applications, while good solubility makes the new Natural Brix Booster suitable for formulating refreshing, clear beverages.

“We are passionate about delivering ingredients that excite customers and give a real ‘wow factor’ to the finished beverage product, whilst also satisfying the very latest consumer trends,” comments Nick Evans, director of sales and purchasing at Treatt.

“It is estimated that global demand for low calorie drinks will rise by 5.9% compound annual growth rate from 2014 to 2019 in response to rising obesity rates,” says Nick Evans, director of sales and purchasing.

“We also expect our 100% natural sugar solutions to continue to appeal to formulators wanting to achieve a clean label on beverage products, as they do not need to be labeled as a sweetener.”

Tea showcase

Treatt will also be highlighting its range of natural tea solutions.

The tea distillates are made From the Named Food or FTNF ingredients, and offer delicate natural tastes that impart a deeply authentic tea flavor.

Two additions are Darjeeling Tea Treattarome 9772 and Rooibos Treattarome 9762.

Distilled from the ‘champagne of teas’, Darjeeling Tea Treattarome captures the refined, heady aroma of Darjeeling tea, with all its delicate floral character.

The flavor brings forward warm, spicy notes with just a hint of honey sweetness to impart a distinctive, aristocratic flavor to ready-to-drink teas.

Rooibos Treattarome delivers an authentic and well-rounded rooibos character to a variety of beverage applications.

The essence provides a spicy and fruity front end, with a robust earthy chai finish.