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World: Camel milk ice cream packed in RingLock tubs

22Camelait ice cream, which is made from camel’s milk, is being sold in RingLock tubs from RPC Superfos.

The product range consisting of six flavors is launched by Al Ain Dairy Company in the United Arab Emirates.

The injection molded polypropylene RingLock tub features a golden decoration and visualization of the ice cream, using advanced in-mold labeling to deliver high resolution photos and graphics.

Camelait is targeted at high-end customers because the cost of camel’s milk production is higher than that of cow’s milk.

The camel milk ice cream is available in two sizes: 125 ml and one liter.

The smaller tub has a plastic spoon in the lid for convenient consumption.

On the filling line, the tubs are easy to handle all the way through the filling torque, the hardening tunnel and into the cartons.

They resist blast freezing at temperatures of -25°C, are liquid tight and come with tamper evidence.