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Americas: Moisture/Solids analyzer offers results in 60 seconds

SMART 6 Moisture/Solids Analyzer (PRNewsFoto/CEM Corporation)

Supplier of process control solutions CEM Corporation releases its SMART 6 Moisture/Solids Analyzer.

The unit has two major innovations compared to CEM’s previous SMART 5 system: the ability to accurately analyze both wet and dry samples and a significant reduction in sample drying times.

These benefits are possible through the development of iPower technology, which features a patented multi-frequency energy source for sample drying.

The unit also has a touchscreen software package with complete statistical analysis and optional IP65 compatibility.

iPower technology employs lower frequency energy to quickly remove free moisture and penetrate the sample for fast and efficient heating, while higher frequency energy helps create a uniform heating environment to fully remove bound moisture or non-polar solvents.

Meanwhile, One Touch Methods further simplify the user experience by offering a library of optimized CEM methods along with breakthrough new iDri technology.

iDri is an advanced analysis that can further reduce test times with results in 60 seconds, less than half of the previously possible test times using other direct analysis technologies.

“The SMART 6 expands CEM’s moisture/solids analysis capabilities to include dairy powders, snack foods, non-polar chemical solvents, low moisture plastics, and pharmaceutical materials,” says president and CEO Michael J. Collins.

“These applications have been difficult for previous microwave drying systems, but are now possible with development of iPower.”

“Additionally, the drying time is much faster than IR drying systems which have traditionally served these markets.”