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Asia Pacific: Vitafoods Asia concludes in Hong Kong


The fifth edition of Vitafoods Asia concludes in Hong Kong with more than 135 international suppliers – such as Chr. Hansen, Monteloeder and OptiSlim – and 2,345 visitors from a pan-Asian audience.

Visitors represented brands such as Dole, Vitasoy, A.S. Watsons, Blackmores, and PepsiCo, as well as distributors actively seeking ingredients, raw materials and finished products.

“There were some recurring themes in our conversations with people at the event, such as the idea of managing transitions between life stages, the probiotics segment, and the immense interest in regulatory updates,” says Chris Lee, Vitafoods portfolio director.

“We’re very heartened to repeatedly see full-house attendance at the Global Market Theatre sessions, and to receive positive feedback from visitors and exhibitors alike on the new Tasting Bar Awards.”

“Above all, however, what’s most fulfilling for us is the general sense that our event has facilitated business, and therefore met the industry’s needs and expectations.”

The newly initiated Global Market Theatre for example provided market overviews, held regulatory framework workshops, as well as shared the latest advances in research and development.

Presented as how-to guides, these complimentary sessions empowered visitors with the knowledge to plan their market entry strategies for countries (China, Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia) and regions (Europe and the Americas).

The sixth edition of Vitafoods Asia will be held from September 1 to 2, 2016 in Hong Kong.