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Americas: Nutrilac LowCal released for low calorie yogurt


Arla Foods Ingredients has launched a natural solution called Nutrilac LowCal that is available in two formulations: with whey protein, or with whey protein and prebiotic fiber.

They are ideal for creating low-fat stirred and drinking yogurts with either:

– Rich in whey protein and 36 calories per 100g of product – which qualifies for a ‘low in calories’ label claim or;

– Rich in whey protein and a minimum of 3 g fiber per 100 calories – which qualifies for a ‘high in fiber’ label claim.

With the world in the grip of an obesity epidemic, global sales of weight management products reached an estimated US$158 billion in 2014, according to Euromonitor.

In the US, 70% of all men aged over 20 are classed as overweight or obese, while one in every four people in China is overweight.

The sheer scale of the ‘globesity’ crisis means more and more consumers are taking control of their health and seeking to lose weight, with many as 53% admitting they are on a weight management program, finds Euromonitor.

As a result, weight management is now the second fastest-growing health trend in the food and beverage market globally.

Whey protein and prebiotic fiber offer great taste, excellent nutrition and high levels of satiety, says Arla Foods Ingredients.

Nutrilac LowCal is designed to produce yogurts that are thick and creamy without any need for added starches, which means a clean label is also easier to achieve.