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Europe: Corbion Purac receives patent for sugar coating technology

Photo - Acid Sanded Candy

Corbion Purac has received a European patent for its coating technology for acid powders, applied in acid-sanded sugar confectionery.

Based on this technology, the company has already developed a range of malic acid powders, such as Purac Powder MA, for manufacturers to develop differentiating sugar confectionery with instant and intensive sour taste profiles and prolonged shelf life.

Many coated acids for confectionery applications use fat-coating technology.

This not only provides taste issues, such as a delay in the release of the sourness or even a rancid off-taste, hygroscopicity and acid migration can also occur.

The result is often a loss of instant sourness and sticky or humid products with impaired visual appeal, especially in long shelf-life applications.

Corbion Purac’s patented coating technology improves stability in terms of acid migration and moisture uptake from the environment.

This means the candy remains dry throughout its shelf life and then dissolves much faster on consumption than fat-based coatings, offering consumers an instantaneous, refreshing burst of acidity.