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Europe: Crown exhibits packaging possibilities at show

Crown Aerosols and Specialty Packaging Europe showcased light emitting diode to packaging at Packaging Innovations in London, UK from September 16 to 17, 2015.

It also exhibited its GiftTag technology, which allows a video message to be embedded onto packaging using a quick response code, enabling recipients to view personalized greetings via a cloud app on multiple mobile devices.

Other exhibits included the:

– Seated End technology, which renders a decorative tin’s bottom curl invisible when placed upon a flat surface due to a seated, rather than having a curled end.

Targeted at the premium packaging market, such as wines, spirits, cigars and biscuits, this elegant solution gives a clean, premium look to any product.

– HoloCrown, where holographic images are stamped directly onto tins and utilize the diffraction of light from the design on the metal to create three-dimensional images that change both position and color.

– Tactile effects, which are achieved by using several techniques such as perforation, embossing and micro embossing and by applying various varnishes.

Embossing and micro embossing involve raising part of any surface, so that they can be felt and seen.

Delicate perforations can create a stunning effect when light shines inside a package, and Crown’s range of varnishes offers unique decorative effects such as gloss, matt, soft touch, pearlescent and crackle.