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Europe: IMA Benhil machine packs beurre moulé

IMA Benhil has adapted the Ecopack F1000/F1500 for French and Belgian manufacturers to package ‘beurre moulé’, an oval-shaped pat of butter with ridges on the side.

By folding in the front, butter producers use up to 30% less packaging material than with the conventional method of folding on the bottom.

This technique is also capable of shaping extremely cold products and packaging them at precise weights.

The Ecopack F1000/F1500 was initially presented at the interpack 2014.

Other features of the Ecopack series include its exact filling accuracy and exceptionally careful handling of the product through the use of individual servo-drives within the dosing unit and for operation of the folding wheel and the wrapping advance system.

Operators can quickly adjust the wrapping machine to package sizes between 50 gm and 500 gms.