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Europe: LabelExpo Europe to highlight tomorrow’s technology

Nestal presents injection compression molding on a stack mold at Fukama 2015 using a 15 oz margarine tub made from polypropylene that is manufactured with 4+4 cavities on an Elion 2800-2000 and weighs 10.7 g.

Europe: LabelExpo Europe to highlight tomorrow’s technology

Exhibitors at LabelExpo Europe will present smart packaging solutions for the retail experience and stock management processes.

Highlights will include the following in Belgium from 29 September to 2 October, 2015.


Avery Dennison will feature RFID technology from its Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS) business. RFID can provide more than 99% real-time inventory accuracy and improve efficiency by offering heightened product visibility throughout the end-to-end global supply chain.

The company will also feature FiberTracker, an anti-counterfeiting labeling solution containing a paper facestock with fiber patterns that can be scanned at point of purchase to validate product authenticity.

It will demonstrate the capabilities of DirectLink, which uses near field communication technology to deliver special offers, videos, and product information.

The company will display a printed electronic label that highlights time, temperature and tracking information to ensure compliance of product handling.

Visual app

Blippar is a visual discovery app that harnesses augmented reality and image-recognition technology to bring the physical world to life through smartphones.

Once the Blippar app is downloaded, people can blipp (scan) objects they are curious about and unlock useful and entertaining content.

Fast eye movements

EyeSee optimizes marketing communication effectiveness with affordable and fast eye tracking and facial coding insights.

The company measures and maximizes return on advertising, shopper and digital using its innovative online webcam-based platform to track eyes and facial expressions with respondents’ laptop and webcam at home.

Three dimensional (3D) printing

Seido Systems will be showcasing the latest in 3D technology for package printing.

From individual designer through product development collaboration to the manufacturing department, the company and Stratasys offer fused deposition modeling and PolyJet 3D printers.

Stratasys will display Fortus and Polyjet machines at the exhibition.

Flexible printed circuit

Systec, a German manufacturer of cylinder and flatbed screen printing and slitting equipment, will be displaying various techniques for printing flexible printed circuits for labels and electronic devices.

These techniques will include via hole printing and contact drying solutions for effectively printing and drying conductive inks.

BOPP films

Taghleef Industries will be promoting its Derprosa Bacterstop’s range: anti-bacterial bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films for food contamination prevention applications.

The BOPP films are treated on one side with either matte or gloss with anti-bacterial properties, while the other side is corona treated for printing and laminating.

Applications include pressure sensitive, roll fed wrap around and in-mold labels.