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Europe: Beck’s beer bottles use casein-free labels

Henkel Adhesive Technologies has developed a new polymer for its glass bottle labeling adhesives that are casein-free for AB InBev Beck’s brand beer bottles.

Casein, which is commonly used to manufacture labeling adhesives, is a protein contained in cow’s milk and is subject to high volatility in availability and price.

The series of casein-free adhesives reduces the material usage, makes the process more efficient and enables Beck’s to apply all the labels and film/foil materials in its factory with one adhesive.

Labels have to stick securely to glass bottles under the most adverse conditions, for example when a chilled bottle is also wet.

Nevertheless, the label has to be easily detachable when the bottle is being cleaned.

The new Aquence XP generation of labeling adhesives for multi-use bottles is based on synthetic materials.

AB InBev brewery group uses this water-based solution on the production line for its famous Beck’s brand at the Bremen plant in Germany.

The new formulation with its synthetic polymer component offers adhesion even under difficult conditions combined with easy wash-off when beer bottles are being cleaned for reuse.

There is also reduced usage versus traditional labeling adhesives and improved process efficiency.