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Americas: Bosch Packaging Technology displays product distribution system in Pack Expo

Bosch Packaging Technology will exhibit the Transver SDI (Smart Distribution Downwards Indirect) product distribution system as part of a Module++ system, which includes an infeed system and a horizontal flow wrapper for bar packaging at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015 from September 28 to 30.

The Transver SDI distributes products to the Pack Feeder 4 infeed system.

The integrated product inspection on the feeding system detects and rejects misaligned products.

As a result, machine stops are minimized, and productivity is increased.

The bars are packaged on the Pack 401 horizontal flow wrapper, ensuring with tight seals.

In addition, all Bosch primary packaging solutions can be complemented with processing machinery and secondary packaging equipment to provide end-to-end system solutions.

The Transver SDI has been developed by Rotzinger AG, a supplier of product flow control, distribution and storage technology, and its affiliate Transver AG.

Bosch Packaging Technology is a minority shareholder of Rotzinger.

With its indirect feeding configuration the Transver SDI can handle high flow rates.

The movable waiting belt allows for a wide range of applications, including bars, biscuits as well as highly delicate, fragile or sticky products.

It can integrate with Bosch’s broad portfolio of packaging solutions, such as the low-pressure Pack Feeder 4 infeed system and Pack 401 horizontal flow wrapper.

Gentle product handling

The distribution belt tilts downwards to separate a single row of products from the product flow onto the waiting belt.

This product row is then transferred onto the cross feeding belt immediately after the preceding row has left, independent of the incoming product flow (indirect feeding configuration).

To discharge the row, different options can be selected.

In one option, the waiting belt gently deposits the products with horizontal movements onto the cross feeding belt to handle sticky, delicate or fragile products.

In another option, the waiting belt feeds the products onto the cross feeding belt at high speed without horizontal movements.

This method is applicable for robust and stable products.

With the servo-drive technology of the Transver SDI station, the two options can also be combined: depending on the product, product rows can be partly deposited with a shorter horizontal movement resulting in a faster feeding onto the cross feeding belt.